Alexsys Team®-Web

Harness the Power of the Web with Team-Web



Alexsys Team-Web is a web-based version of Team that permits you to access Team via an Internet, Intranet, or dialup. Team-Web is an add-on product to Team that works in conjunction with Alexsys Team. You can use Team-Web with a registered or trial version of Alexsys Team 2 or Team Pro.


Team-Web Provides:

  • Fast access to Team via the Internet
  • Fast access to Team via remote networking (i.e. dial-up networking)
  • Access to Team from non-Windows platforms (i.e. UNIX and MAC)
  • Free access to view Team data without additional licenses. (Editing requires Team-Web licenses)
  • Customer access to check status of their requests. (Access is restricted for Guest users)
  • A simplified web-style interface to Team.
  • Direct login to Team.
  • Preservation of your own Team environment, including:
    • Tab Settings
    • Work Request Settings
    • User Permissions
    • Field Rules, etc.


How does Team-Web Differ from Team WebEntry?


WebEntry is primarily designed for customer support by permitting Work Requests to be entered from a web page without direct access to Team. Team-Web provides direct login into Team from the Web.


Team-Web Features

  • Support for both standard Team 2 and Team Pro
  • Password Controlled Login
  • Automatic Login when cookies are enabled
  • Display of users TeamView tabs (governed by the tab settings in standard Team)
  • Auto display of the "My Work" Tab list
  • TeamView Lists display with a similar look and feel to that of standard Team
  • Add/Modify/Remove Data Properties, including:
    • Sorts
    • Filters
    • Record Sets
    • Columns
  • Detailed Reports with Display Options
  • Search Work Requests
  • Search the Knowledge Base
  • Hyperlink display for Work Request Detail
  • Mail hyperlinks to Work Requests
  • Display Change History Log for requests
  • Enter new Work Requests
  • Delete Work Requests (administrators only)
  • Edit existing Work Requests
    • Edit Fields: Text, Numeric, Drop-down, Dates, and Checkboxes
    • Edit Tables: Add, Edit, Delete and Archive Lookup Table values (administrators only)
    • Upload/Download file attachments
    • Add/Remove Relationships
    • Add/Edit/Delete Time Records
    • Required Field Prompting
    • Protect Fields 
  • Display/Add/Modify/Delete Notes, including:
    • General Notes
    • Flag Notes
    • Discuss Notes
  • User Options for Team-Web Settings including:
    • Number of rows that are displayed in the TeamView
    • Keep separate columns for each tab
    • Mode (Edit or View) when opening work requests
    • Window for opening a work request (Same or New)
    • Size of Work Request form
    • Auto-Refresh
    • Close window on save
    • Display User Hints
  • Print Detailed Reports
  • Auto-refresh to display current data
  • Team-Web Control Panel via your internet browser (administrators only)

Team-Web Licensing


Team-Web is an add-on product to Team, so all users who will be accessing Team via Team-Web require a standard Team 2 or Team Pro license. Then they must also have a Team-Web license. Users who are registered in Team as Guest users (i.e. their access level is Guest) do not require licenses for any Team product. Guests have read-only access and therefore, can use Team free.




The following are the system and software requirements for running Team-Web.


Web Server Requirements:


For NT/2000/XP:

  • Windows NT® 4.0 Service Pack 3.0 (or later), Windows® 2000, or Windows® XP
  • Microsoft IIS 4.0 or later
  • Intel PC x86 
  • Team Client must be installed locally on server

For 98/Me:

  • Windows® 98, Windows® Me
  • Microsoft PWS 4.0 or later
  • Intel PC x86
  • Team Client must be installed locally

Web Browser Requirements:

  • Netscape 4.5 or later or
  • Internet Explorer 4.0 Service Pack 1 or later
  • Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Build 3802 or later

Team Requirements:

  • Team 2/SQL v2.0.1 or later
  • Borland Database Engine v5.0 or later