New Features in Team® 2.10

Alexsys Introduces Many New Features to Team 2.10


Service Options for Alexsys Team Products


Alexsys Corporation now offers the following Support Service Contracts:

Details about these Services and Frequently Asked Questions can be found in the following knowledge base article.


After installing this update, you can display your current service contract information by selecting Help | Support Service Information in Team.



Team v2.10 New Features


Knowledge Base Features

  • The Team Knowledge base now supports HTML Documents created from Microsoft Word.
  • HMTL Document images relative path images are automatically copied locally so they are independent of the original document.
  • Knowledge Base Visibility has been added to allow articles to be added that are private to all users (including Service Desk Users) or restricted to Team Users (Guests included) or available only to Licensed Users.

Team Note Navigation Bar

  • Team notes now contains a navigation bar with buttons for first, prior set, prior, next, next set, and Last note scrolling.

Last Note Field

  • Last Note - contains the text of the last note.
  • Last Note Type - this can be: Internal, Desk user, Desk response.
  • Last Internal Note Added - contains the text of the last internal note when a new note is added.
    When not editing, the value is always blank. In a Notification, it can be checked for non-blank and also included in the notification template.

Team List Memo Display

  • Memo fields can now be added to Team views. Team includes a partial display with full display when mousing over the text. Team-Web includes the complete memo text.

CSV Reports

  • CSV output for any view is now available from Detail Reports by selecting the Default.csv template. All columns in the current view are included and memo fields are also supported. For example, Escalations can be used with the Default.csv to regularly export data to a CSV file.

Quick Add Control

  • Quick Add can now an option for Lookup Tables. The Allow Quick Add option on the Team Lookup Table Properties sets whether users can quick add new entries to the lookup table when entering new values. When not allowed, users with create access must edit the lookup table and enter all required fields for any new values added.

Security Enhancements

  • Lookup Table Browse permission has been added to allow users to browse lookup table values. View permission now only permits users to view the contents of the lookup table for an entry on a work request or lookup table. By default, Browse permission is set to the previous value View so there it is backward compatible. You may remove Browse permission to stop users for opening lookup tables.
  • Change Tabs and Save Settings user policy has been added to control which Team users can edit their TeamView Tabs (Add, Delete, Modify) and permanently save their settings.
  • View Rules and Lookup Tables user policy has been added to control which users can view the work request and Lookup Table Rules and Lookup Table Properties.

Team-Web Incremental Search Drop-Downs

  • Team-Web work requests now support Incremental Search Drop-downs to make it easier to select from large lookup lists.
  • Incremental Search Threshold defaults to 100 but can be configured in Team-Web Options to automatically use these drop-downs. Refer to Configuring Team-Web Settings for more information.
  • Performance can be vastly increased when opening work requests. For example, Work Requests with over 150,000 drop-down values can load in less than 3 seconds.

Service Desk Integration

  • The Help | Service Desk menu has been added to Team to open the Alexsys support service desk.
  • Team Service Desk support is fully integrated into Alexsys Team to simplify configuration, management, ticket work-flow, security, and correspondence.

Database Utility Improvements

  • The Database Utility now permits Server Databases to be uploaded to any other Server Database for backup or migrating to a different server, or to convert a Team database to a different SQL database type.
  • Database upload performance is improved and the interface has been simplified.

WebEntry Features

  • WebEntry now includes support for .NET with your choice of .NET forms or posting from your existing forms to .NET. This eliminates the requirement for the ISAPI Alexmsg.dll. Refer to the Alexmsg help file (Alexmsg.chm) for more information. New samples have been provided in the WebEntry\Server directory.
  • The WebEntry XML message format facilitates adding and editing work request from external systems.

Memo Field Links

  • Team Memo Fields allow embedded links to URL's, Email address, Team Work requests, and Work Request Attachments. Refer to for more information.

Secure Mail Support

  • Team and Alexmsg now support SMTP and POP mail authentication, SLL security, and Port options.
  • A Test option permits testing your mail settings to simplify configuration.


Improved User Tab Control

  • The Tab Settings in the Tools | Options is now called Tab Source.
  • Users running from a Tabs File are now read-only. They may not directly save their tabs.
  • Tabs can be saved to files using the Publish menu in the TeamView and the Publish button on the Tab Source Page.
  • User permission to change tabs during a session, permanently save tabs, and publish tabs files is controlled using the new user policy: Change and Publish TeamView Tabs.

Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, and IIS7 Support

  • Team-Web, WebEntry, and Service Desk are now supported on Windows 2008 and Windows 7 Internet Information Server 7 (IIS7)
  • Team now supports Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7.



Team 2.10 Premium Service Features


Custom Calculated Fields

  • Custom Calculations let you compute values using expressions to Calculate Fields, Trigger Values, Replace All values, and Default values.
  • Custom Calculated Fields are are standard field computed when you edit Team records. Field can be always or conditionally calculated.
  • Can Reference Field Values and Lookup Tables
  • Auto Increment fields have been added to compute your own sequence numbers or strings.
  • IF THEN ELSE for conditioned expressions
  • Custom User Functions let create your own functions with optional parameters
  • Includes over 70 Built-in Functions

Field Formats

  • Field Display Formats allow you to set rules to provide many new display formats for fields.
  • Team fields now have buttons to open the URL and Email fields to open the default browser and mail program.
  • Team Charts can use defined colors in charts for Lookup Table values by adding color fields to the Lookup Table.

Knowledge Base PDF Files

  • The Team Knowledge base now supports PDF files.

Print Template Conditional Content

  • Print Templates can contain Conditional IF-Blocks have been added to Templates


Licensed versions of Team require an active Premium Service contract to access these features. These features are also available in the Trial version.


The Team Admin | Licensing menu can be used to examine your licensing. A Premium Service Features display provides a detailed view of your access to these features.


Team v2.10 Enhancements


General Enhancements

  • Knowledge Base Search form layout has been improved.
  • Knowledge Base Search performance has been made at least 6 times faster.
  • Vastly improved performance of Team Pro by using native ADO to for database access. Startup and all functions of Team Pro, Team-Web, and WebEntry are faster and network utilization is reduced.
  • Work Request forms now permit the Related and Resolution tabs to be removed from a form.
  • Individual Notifications can be disabled for all all users.
  • Team now allows most fields to be removed from Lookup Tables.
  • Team database upgrade now preserves text fields that have been expanded beyond their default size. For example, if Text1_ has been altered to 250 characters, Team now uses the extended size when rebuilding the database and preserves the data.
  • Work Request forms can now have field separators between columns.
  • Work Request forms may now have an additional 5th column and any column can be hidden.
  • Triggers now have an Allow Cascading Triggers option to permit trigger changes to allow subsequent triggers.
  • Notification and Escalation mail recipients now permit you to add text field and indirect field references in the Send To list.
  • Detail Reports now support classes for generated tables and fields for greater flexibility and are up to 50% smaller.
  • The new user license status defaults to not licensed when added by a Non-System user.
  • Escalation and Notification recipients can now include Wildcards using Other Fields and Indirect Fields.
  • Custom Schema fields limits (configured in the database Utility) have been increased to 250 for standard fields and 50 for Memo fields. Actual limits are database dependant and the Test Schema buttons can be now always be used to test a database even when the estimated size appears to be exhausted.
  • Team work request and lookup fields that have been expanded in the database are now fully supported and data is maintained during a database upgrade.

Team (Windows) Enhancements

  • Team Notes now contains a navigation bar with buttons for first, prior set, prior, next, next set, and Last note scrolling.
  • Team Tab and List windows can now contain memo fields and any field that does not fit can be viewed using a mouse over hint.
  • Team work request and lookup table drop-downs now disable the drop-down list when the field or records cannot be edited to enhance security.
  • The Team About box now has selectable text for the company name and Serial number to make it easier to include this information when requesting support.
  • Team Change History, Detail Reports, Knowledge Search and other HTML windows now use the Windows Browser for much faster performance and compatibility.
  • Team People Table reports can now display and filter on the Licensed User Field.
  • Improved performance storing new documents in the Knowledge Base.
  • Attachments can now be renamed.
  • Team Client Setup (Setup.exe) runs much faster by no longer installing ADO (since it is included in the operating system) and by not copying files that are already present in the Windows System directory.
  • Money and Number Indirect fields in the TeamView and Lists are now left justified.
  • Updated window fonts to Tahoma for better compatibility with Windows and the support of additional special characters.
  • Added Calculation display to the Rules Reports.
  • Attachment security links are permitted for any size file.
  • Team administrative menus are no longer shown when the user user does not have access to the view or change them. Menus like the Rules, Licensing, Database Utility are no longer included for users who are not members of the System Group.
  • Team Lookup table now has a size splitter.

Team-Web Enhancements

  • Team-Web Lookup table edit is now much faster.
  • Team-Web now supports locked tab profiles for users that are using read-only tab files.
  • Team-Web Lookup Table edit has much faster load times, works with larger lists, and has improved incremental searching.
  • Team-Web Lookup Edit drop-down searching has been improved. Improved Team-Web list display performance.
  • Team-Web support has been added for the Google Chrome browser. Chrome requires Java 6U10 or better.
  • Team-Web now has an new Work Request form with a more compact, clean display.
  • Team-Web can now use Date Variables with +/- offsets (e.g. [Yesterday]-1).
  • Added support for the Safari and Chrome browsers.

WebEntry Enhancements

  • WebEntry added the ability to accept any email message and store it as a new work request.
  • Team Work Request View and Detail Reports now provide links to open related requests and attachments.
  • WebEntry now supports Team default values. The Default value for a field is taken from the first value found in the following precedence:
    • WebEntry Form value
    • WebEntry Default value
    • Work Request Default value, then
    • Rules Default value

Database Utility Enhancements

  • The Database Utility (TeamAdm.exe) no longer requires a Host Name for MS-SQL databases since this value was not needed.
  • Database Base Upgrade speed has been greatly improved and the progress display now includes a record count and time remaining.
  • Custom Schema field counts have been increased from 120 to 250 for standard fields and 30 to 50 for Memo fields.



If you would like to read a more in detailed summary of this update, please review the Team 2 Readme file.




Team is available in a trial version that supports both standard and SQL versions.



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