Alexsys Team® 98 is Year 2000 Compliant

Y2K Certificate


This is to certify that Alexsys Team® 98 is constructed using development tools that are fully Year 2000 compliant. All date related fields used in Alexsys Team® 98 are maintained in non-ASCII date format that is not subject to Year 2000 related issues or defects.


Specific Date Features:

  • Dates are stored in the Alexsys Team® 98 database using the table specific date format that is not subject to Year 2000 issues. For example, with Paradox tables Date and Datetime data formats are used. In SQL databases the SQL Datetime format is used.
  • Date input and display conforms to the following rules:
    • Dates with no year are assumed to be the current year.
    • Dates with 2 digit years are assumed to be the current century.
    • Dates are displayed using the Windows Regional Date Settings.
    • Date sorting, filtering, and other processing function properly since sorting is performed using the internal (non-ASCII) format.

You may download a copy of our Y2K certificate in either Word 6.0/95 or Acrobat format.


If you have any additional questions, please contact us.